The Romantic Bride’s Guide to Wedding Styling

Let the small touches tell your love story.

When it comes to weddings, every now and then comes along a couple who are true romantics at heart and dream of a special day to match. The theme of such weddings is essentially ‘romance’ – nothing more, and nothing less. When old world romance meets a modern-day love story – this is how you style their wedding venue.

The colours of love

First things first – determining the colour palette will help you deliver on all of the decor. You want colours that are warm, rich and romantic, such as deep burgundy, forest green, pale pink, and creamy tones – with gold or silver accents.

A festival of florals and foliage

If a symbol of romance is a dozen long stemmed roses, imagine a wedding where the walls are dripping in floral arrangements. Bring the outdoors inside and recreate a nostalgic garden with plenty of flowers and foliage. Take inspiration from your chosen colours to find florals to match – but it’s hard to go past a velvety red rose, although classic white or lighter pastels can work well. Florals have the power to transform any venue into a luxury wedding venue.

Small touches to tell a love story

Your wedding day isn’t only a celebration of love, but a celebration of your love – so why not include sentimental touches inspired by your own story to take that romance to a whole new level? Whether it’s a guest book with a twist signifying something you love to do together, framed wedding pictures from your parents and grandparents, or using photos from throughout your relationship as table numbers – these small touches personalise your wedding day in a most romantic manner. Small touches can be added to both the wedding ceremony and wedding reception venue to make it more personalised and special.

Lights, lights and more lights!

Fairy lights, festoon lamps and candlesticks abound – if it glows light, it gets our approval! Nothing makes a space feel cosy and romantic like small lights sprinkled across the room. In fact, we can’t think of a single love story that didn’t involve a room filled with flickering candles at some stage or another. Although ensure you leave enough dark corners for lovebirds to sneak away into throughout the night…

A drink that warms the heart

People will remember how you made them feel – but not necessarily how much they had to drink, which is why it’s worth making your cocktail list all the more memorable. Choose a selection of beverages that will warm the heart, but also ones that reflect your own love for one another – and perhaps your own favourite mixes. Give them a fun name, create a personalised menu (which the kind folk at Ormond Collective can help you with) and you’re set for a night of amazing memories – and perhaps just an air of mystery of what actually went on in the depths of the night.

Loving spaces

Glamour, elegance and class is what we at the Ormond Collective happen to do best, setting the perfect scene for your romantic ‘I dos’. Make your event a grand affair with a unique wedding venue and the decor to match – sipping champagne from crystal glassware, taking your first dance as newlyweds on polished timber floors, or slipping away into the darkness of night through the courtyard garden. The best wedding venue with unique character and different spaces ensures a romantic affair, an element our stylists at The Big Group Creative can emphasise on request.  

Have your love abound from every corner on your wedding day, use these styling tips to enhance the romantic ambience and have your guests experience all the good feelings. We love to share the love, for a most romantic wedding come visit our unique spaces at the Ormond Collective, where the above styling tips will have all in attendance truly touched on your special day.

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