The Eastern Bar

Nestled beside Ormond Hall sits a delightful gem; once discovered, cannot be forgotten. Treasure the experience that is The Eastern Bar.

Max Pax
Cocktail: 100

The ideal arrival area for cocktails and canapés where people can mingle as the excitement builds, or a delightful choice by itself, The Eastern Bar is a versatile and delightful canvas in the very best sense.

Add your personalised touch to the space for an exceptional celebration; the area lends itself to be totally transformed into your vision – or indulge in the unique character that is The Eastern Bar. 

With no permanent bar, anything you need can be brought into the space to suit your special occasion.

A minimalist style event will make most of the unique features including fixed wall seating, brass edge marble cafe tables, green Bentwood chairs, and decorative lamps.

All the trinkets and bespoke furnishings you could possibly need for an extravagant  event can be hired from The Design Depot, or let our creative stylists at The Big Group Creative weave their magic. You won’t be disappointed.

The space compliments Ormond Hall and The Western Bar, capturing the charm that flows throughout, and the ideal pre-event or arrival space. 

The Eastern Bar, a perfect pre-event entry or stand alone space for all event types.