Tales of whimsical garden parties, dapper bars, majestic halls and charming chapels are not only found on the pages of story books, but within the walls of Ormond Collective - keeper of many unforgettable experiences worth sharing…

Nestled within the leafy green gardens of St Kilda Road lies a collection of unassuming historic buildings – each privy to extraordinary celebrations, stolen kisses, hushed whispers and extravagant parties. Together, they are known as Ormond Collective; a treasured place that thrives on hosting unforgettable celebrations.

If walls could talk, The Western and Eastern Bars would have a lot to share; endeavours that linger late into the night, leaving empty whiskey glasses and the hazy bliss of jubilant celebrations. Fortunately, Ormond Hall is much too grand for hearsay or idle gossip; as they say, a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells – meaning your secrets are always safe at Ormond Collective.

Be bold and explore our many spaces and charming places where private parties, corporate events and nostalgic weddings become treasured memories, and stories worth sharing – if not too scandalous, of course.

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So go on – indulge yourself and add wonder and charm to your tale at the Ormond Collective because we’re all stories in the end.

Latest News

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