How To Plan an Outdoor Wedding

Looking for the most perfectly glamorous Melbourne wedding venue that is outdoors but also gives you a weather contingency plan? Meet Ormond Collective.

A venue that has it all. Where old-world glamour meets new world charm, our venue is a journey in itself. From an emotive ceremony in the chapel to canapés in our outdoor pavilion at sunset to the reception of champagne inspired dancing in the grand hall, we know your event is the wedding everyone will be talking about. Outdoor events simply shine at Ormond, with a chapel on-site and two spaces to continue the formalities, this is your one-stop-shop for a fantastic party under the stars.

Ormond Collective Wedding Venue

Planning the perfect outdoor wedding is all about the seamless backup plan. Melbourne weather is unpredictable at best so having spaces available for guests to escape the weather is an absolute must and Ormond has just that. A marquee is one way to keep the weather at bay, a glamorous tent serving cocktails and canapés fits perfectly in the lush garden setting, bridging the walk from the chapel to hall you will find cosy nooks to style and make your mark. To create the outdoor event of the season, this checklist will get you walking down the gorgeous garden path…

Is your chosen decor ‘garden’ suitable? If you are planning to an outdoor wedding on grass or a natural surface, think about your seating options. Do your chairs have long pointy legs that can get stuck or sink in the grass? Think about placing rugs under heavier items to keep the ground level and your guest comfortable. Choose your decor carefully, knowing they will be under marquees or exposed to the elements, think about their fabric texture and tone and how they work with the surrounding gardens and space.

Let your guests know they are being entertained under the stars. Wear high heels? Perhaps suggest your guest bring a pair of flats or solid heels to charm in.

A collection of umbrellas to ward off rain and sun are functional and stylish and can add that instant touch of glamour rain hail or shine. Or perhaps a vase of hand fans for guests to cool themselves with if the sun is shining high in the sky. It’s the extra thoughtful touches that guests always remember!

Moving between spaces can be difficult for certain guests, so test walk those paths before the big day. Hiring a collection of rugs to act as walkway markers also can disguise uneven footings, strategically placing chairs for lounging can break up areas and create nooks – allowing guests to relax and enjoy the space away from the hustle of the night.

Ready to make your outdoor event official? Take a walk through Ormond Collective and start your planning.

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