It’s Strictly Business – with Character

How to make your corporate event memorable.

Effective workplaces need to get things done well and in a timely manner, although this doesn’t mean business has to be – dare we say it – boring. At Ormond Collective, we believe in your corporate functions being epic experiences that enhance your business goals. We are passionately averse to stuffy conference rooms and PowerPoint presentations- the escapees of such occasions are often found seeking refuge in foyers and bathrooms, so we are told.

Here at Ormond Collective, we’re all about doing things differently. We believe in corporate events delivering an experience and our aim is to have your clients or colleagues anticipating the next event. Whether it’s a conference with class, putting a twist on a traditional meeting or throwing a gala like you’ve never seen before; we make it our business to make yours stand out from the crowd – and here are a few of the ways we do it.

Such a character

With our unique charm and art deco vibes, Ormond Collective is brimming with character; something we use to our advantage, of course – and so should you. Your business event will be enhanced by the character of the venue as it is or go that one step further and put a spin on your traditional conference with a theme. Dress up masquerade style, indulge in fancy dress or formal black-tie event, decadent high tea or garden party – anything is possible. With catering to match, you can make an unforgettable themed meeting, conference, seminar or launch at Ormond Collective. Having a theme allows you to add some flair to your workshops and presentations, although should that be a step too far, our unique venue spaces as they are will make your event memorable. Hosting a corporate event is a great opportunity to show a different side to your business. With our ability to cater for all of your event needs, we’ve got everything you need – plus a little more.

Suit your space

Often a change of scenery mid-meeting or event can have an exciting and memorable effect on all present- why not move from one space at Ormond Collective to the next to keep the movement going. With our variety of spaces – such as the Pavilion tucked away in heritage listed gardens, the Western Bar with its European vibes and intimate spaces, or the majestic Ormond Hall where every occasion is a show-stopper- a reception in one space before the main event in the next is an exciting way to do business. Further, you could have your team decide where they’d like to be and engage them in the process, put the feelers out by giving them options to the many spaces. Alternatively, work with us and to set up your presentations and activities in the spaces that best suit your needs and keep your guests on their toes, leaving them impressed again and again.

Take centre stage

The last thing you want is for your guests to be sitting still all day trying to take in facts and figures, with little to no chance they’ll remember any of the important details the next day. Fortunately, Ormond Hall was built for a live show – so take centre stage and entertain your clients or colleagues in an unforgettable way. Or put them centre front; we’ve seen many things at the Ormond Collective including some innovative team building exercises that involve short and spontaneous performances on our grand stage- too far? Let us entertain you, and have your clients or team sit back and enjoy the experience.

Be impressive

If your ambition is to simply wow your clients and colleagues with an event like no other – we’ve got you sorted. Ormond Collective is the place to impress your guests, with its original art deco preserved from the 1920s that you just can’t replicate, heritage listed buildings and gardens, and eccentric vibe that excites every guest upon arrival. Put on a glamorous gala, an illustrious awards night or an elegant banquet, we can help you put on an event everyone will be talking about for months to come – and for all the right reasons. With spaces for live entertainment, a dancefloor that everyone can let loose on, numerous bars serving signature cocktails, holding your next event at Ormond Collective will be your best business decision yet.

Business in today’s competitive world is all about being as creative as possible and making sure you stand head and shoulders above the rest – step out of the square and provide an experience for your next corporate event. The sky’s the limit at Ormond Collective, where we love to push boundaries and no idea is too big, bold or brave. All you have to do is ask.

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