Chyka's 50th

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220 People


Catering, Venue Management & Event Design

Portrait of a Lady

Fabulous and decadent; there’s no other way to celebrate the birthday of Chyka Keebaugh than a spectacular showstopper event at Ormond Collective. Think bearded men in designer dresses, moving garden statues, opulent entertainers, lavish styling – all the bells and whistles and some. A soirée of the finest order with a dash of risqué chic, this was one unforgettable party. Inspired by the eccentric sensibilities of Italian heiress, Marchesa Luisa Casati; guests of Chyka’s were invited to embellish themselves in the Powder Room before stepping into the courtyard (aka Pleasure Garden) and beyond. A mystical hidden gin den, a pop-up patisserie and sweets salon – it was a sensory experience fit for a Queen, and so it was. Celebrating the Queen of Parties in royal style, the tale of Chyka’s Birthday Party at Ormond Collective is one photos cannot fully capture, although we tried.