Here is the story that is...
The Commons at Ormond Collective.

Once upon a time, The Commons at Ormond Collective was known as The Belgian Beer Garden. However, after some love and nurturing from the Magic Makers at The Big Group, it was transformed into Melbourne’s most beautiful garden café and wine bar, for every man, woman and their dog.

After a year of turmoil and separation, the Magic Makers at The Big Group decided to create a place to bring people together again. A whimsical place that brought joy and laughter to all the families and friends that visited. With the heart of Melbourne calling for some love, the Magic Makers were inspired by the great terraces and outdoor dining spaces of Europe and America – florals, gingham, ticking and stripes, oversized cushions, park benches and French café chairs, baskets bursting with Spring blooms, topiary and wicker. The Magic Makers got to work and poured all their love into The Commons at Ormond Collective. 

The Commons opened when the sun shining and the gardens thriving, the sounds of laughter and loved filled the air. Within a maze of established trees, planting and potting sheds, The Conservatory, The Kitchen Garden, The Rose Garden and The Beer Garden, ensured there was space for everyone to feel comfortable. With four new spaces to explore, guests could hardly want anymore.

Winter was coming to Melbourne and although a garden café may be very popular in summer, the team of Magic Makers knew they had their work cut out for them to create the perfect winter hideaway. A collection of bluestone heritage listed buildings was a good place to start, but far from complete. Just you wait to see what they create, The Western Bar may have a new fate…

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